10 Purrfectly Camouflaged Cats! Can You Spot The Cats?

Cats have so many skills. They are masters in hunting, climbing, sleeping for up to 16 hours, and they always land on their feet. They are also masters of camouflage!

Cats have been evolving expert camouflage in order to subvert their human rulers. The cats from the pictures below are caught in the act of using their pet camouflage to hide from their owners.

Check out the pictures below. Can you spot the cats?

Cat camouflage 5

Cat camouflage 4

Cat camouflage 1

Cat camouflage 2

Cat camouflage 3

Cat Camouflage 7

Cat camouflage 8

Cat camouflage 9

Cat camouflage land of cats