16-Year-Old Cat Returns Home After 2 Years

Jimmy, A 16-year-old brown Tabby cat disappeared from the New Jersey family’s yard on September 2014. Jimmy was an indoor cat who would often follow the family around outside. His family was devastated when they saw he is not coming back. They tried everything they could do to bring Jimmy home, they placed posters around town, called three police departments and reached out to shelters. They lost hope they will ever find him.

Recently, a family friend noticed on a Facebook page ‘Lost West Milford Pets’ a picture with a cat that looked familiar. It was Jimmy!

Someone found Jimmy on the streets and had turned him in to the West Milford Animal Shelter. He was found almost 10 miles away from the family’s home in Wanaque.

“I said, ‘Jim, is that you?’ And he came over and gave me a head butt and rubbed. He’s a special cat,” Jimmy’s mom said. She couldn’t believe that they really found him!

Source: q13fox.com.