20-Year-Old Cat Dumped At Shelter Starts A New Life

Buttons is a 20-year-old cat who was given up by his owner together with a few younger feline siblings. The local shelter asked for the help of the volunteers from ‘Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation‘. Button needed rescue because he wasn’t up for adoption because of his age.

Kathy Bieniek, Vice President of the Florida rescue group, and her team immediately took Buttons in their care. “He’s an old boy,” says Bieniek, who brought the kitty to the Pet Express animal hospital for an evaluation. “He was very talkative the whole way over to the vet’s office.”

They posted Btton’s story on Facebook. “Yes you read that correctly, this cat is 20 years old. He was dumped at the shelter with some of his siblings. Heartbreaking isn’t it?” was written at the description of his picture. People who read his story reached out immediately to help him. A woman named Jennifer applied to adopt him.

“She is a wonderful foster mommy, she has a special place in her heart for seniors. She just adopted a week or so ago a senior around 15 years old from an elderly person.” said Bieniek of the cat’s next owner.

Source: people.com.