3 Kittens Found In A Garbage Bag After Someone Threw Them Out Like Trash

Police officers from Brooklyn, New York responded to a 911 call in, being notified about four tiny kittens who were found in a tied trash bag.

Someone had just threw this innocent babies as if they were garbage. The NYPD knew they had to rush to save their lives.

Unfortunately, one of the kittens didn’t make it, but there were still three more who needed to be saved. The officers rushed to the scene to get the kitties and then brought them to the ASPCA Animal Recovery Center to get the medical care they needed.

The kittens needed to be bottle-fed and treated for dehydration. They were cared round-the-clock, bathed and groomed and bottle-fed.

The kittens were named Bert, Elmo, and Oscar. They were once threw like trash, but today they are growing and thriving.

Kittens fom trash

Once the kittens were old enough and eating on their own, they were moved to the ASPCA Adoption Center where the team started to search their forever loving homes.

Kittens rescued from trash

“Tossing away four innocent kittens like garbage is an unthinkable act,” said Howard Lawrence, Vice President of the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement team. “Given their young age, Bert, Elmo and Oscar were fortunate to have survived. For these three kittens, a call was the difference between life and death.”

Source: theanimalrescuesite.