Baby Kittens Rescued From Bottom Of Full Dumpster!

Two tiny kittens who just opened their eyes were thrown in a dumpster in Los Angeles.

Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team were asked for help to go and rescue the precious babies. They went at the place and started fast the rescue operation.

“Nav and Nett headed out to the Valley and discovered a fully loaded trash dumpster at an apartment complex. The complex was remodeling a unit and left behind a locked stacked to the top with debris dumpster,” SMARTs said.

They were afraid to open the dumpster as it was full and the garbage could fall on the tiny kittens. They used micro cameras on a long pole to pinpoint the location of the kittens.

They managed to pull out the first kitten using another long pole with a looped rope. The second kitten was in a much tricker spot so they decided to cut through the lock on the side of the dumpster and to remove carefully the side door. This way the succeeded to take him out.

Watch the amazing rescue here:

The two baby kittens are now safe in a foster place and when they will grow they will be ready for adoption. For more information about them please visit: