Cat Born with Two Legs Uses His Fluffy Tail to Walk and It’s Amazing

Anakin, a miracle kitty was born with only two legs. When he was little he showed up in a feral colony for food and he got the attention of a kind hearted woman.

“I wasn’t looking to get another cat but you know how these things just happen,” Carrie Hawks said. “A kitten without back legs started coming over to eat with the other feral cats at my dad’s work.”

The woman decided to catch the little kitty who obviously needed help. Her first few trips to attempt to catch him didn’t work out.

On May 31, 2012, Carrie saw the kitten into some bushed so she climbed into the bushes and managed to get him to safety.

Anakin the kitten

The cute miracle kitten surprised everyone with his ability to work with just two front legs. “Our vet said she had never seen anything like him before.”

The kitty was born without a pelvis and back legs but to him, having two legs is perfectly the normal. He uses his fluffy tail to help him balance and get around, and has mastered the art of walking on two front legs. “Anakin’s tail measures 15.5 inches from its start to the end of the fur at the tip,” Carrie wrote.

Anakin two leggen cat

“He’s such a handsome Lil Man. See how he sits on his tail. This is his normal sitting position.” Anakin is doing everything that a normal kitty does. He can climb cat trees effortlessly with incredible agility and speed.

Anakin is 5 years old now

Anakin is five years old now. He has grown into a magnificent cat with a fluffy tail that helps him walk, climb, jump, and do all the things that other cats do. Is truly amazing the way he is acting like any other normal kitty!

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