Cat Found With Smashed Jaw Is Rescued By Kind Hearted Woman

Smeagol_puss was found on 1/9/15 starving to death with a broken jaw crouching on the edge of a highway. He couldn’t keep his mouth closed or his tongue from hanging out of it. And that was bone poking through his gums.

When he lost hope, he was suddenly scooped up and he was in this strange car with a human saying “OMG OMG!” For some reason, he liked it and he purred really loudly for the whole ride. He was found by a kind hearted lady to took him straight to the vet. The news weren’t that good. His jaw was broken in 2 places, the bone was sticking out inside his mouth at the back. The vet said there was no hope, he was just too small, and too weak and he couldn’t eat with a broken jaw… The vet thought his jaw was broken for several days before the woman found me because it was badly infected.

smeagol rescue

The woman who found him knew he had a will not just to live, but to be loved. So she decided to do everything to help him recover. Poor cat was covered in dirt, blood and pus, and drool from trying to groom himself after he got hurt.

Cat gets stronger

He was too tiny for a surgery. The woman took Smeagol home, washed him and fed him. It took just a couple of months for his jaw to heal on its own. He started to get strength and gain wight. He was kept under antibiotics as the infection persisted.

Smeagol feeling better

After a while… “I just went for a check-up at the vets. It looks like the bone is completely covered by tissue now, and guess what? 4 dead baby teeth came right out when she touched them with the tweezers! That’s why I’ve been pawing my mouth so much! It feels much better now! Maybe the tooth fairy will come tonight.” Smeagol wrote on his Instagram profile.

Smeagol has now many friends to play with.

Smeagol and friends

He turned into a handsome and healthy boy!

Smeagol healthy

He is the happiest!

Happy cat

Smeagol today…

Smeagol today

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