Cat Louie Wrote A Black Cat Appreciation Poem!

On Black Cat Appreciation Day August 17th, the lovely cat Louie decided to promote the day by writing a black cat appreciation poem (with the help of his assistant,Teresa)!

The Wonder Of Me

I’m seen as a good -looking feline
with a air of refinement grace.
Both modish and rather appealing,
with a handsome beguiling cute face.

My whiskers are flawless and lengthy,
pristine and plainly in line.
With razor sharp teeth as a bonus,
I’m a cat that’s clearly divine.

Charismatic and wholly alluring,
I’ll melt your heart with one look.
Bewitched by my pussy cat magic
as I cast you in with my hook.

I match the decor quite nicely
as I laze around on the couch.
With an affable calm disposition
never grumpy or even a grouch.

As I waft around in the sunshine
my coat just shimmers and shines.
Adorning the fixtures and fittings
a look that ‘s rather sublime.

There is nothing that’s dull or lacklustre
with this urban panther you see.
Each muscle is honed to perfection,
of that you would have to agree.

Any home would look rather stunning
with me just hanging around.
More gorgeous than bling or real diamonds
I’d be the best thing you found.

Once I’m part of your family,
you would never want turn back.
I’m the feline that you fall in love with,
the cat that’s totally black!