Cat Rescued From Flood Channel!

A poor cat was rescued by the Clark County Fire Department from a flood channel after some storms flooded some streets in Las Vegas.

A fire captain took the cat into the Pebble Maryland Animal Hospital, on Pebble Road and South Maryland Parkway, close to the wash where the animal was rescued. Poor kitty she was was drenched, cold and in shock. At the moment the cat is feeling well. She was looking so bad the moment when she was rescued. Now she looks like she is another cat.

“He was so hypothermic, his temperature wouldn’t even register the first few times we tried to take it,” said veterinarian Carolyn Garcia, who helped nurse the furry flood victim back to health.

“The cat is very fractious and feral,” she said. The cat doesn’t show any interest in human companionship. The cat would need a quiet home with no other pets around and an owner who is willing to take on a project. “He would need a lot of work and a lot of patience from whoever takes him,” Garcia said.

If you would like to give the cat a chance please contact Henry Brean at [email protected].