Girlfriend Said They Can Get Back Together If He Gets Rid of His Cat

One man and his former girlfriend split up because of religious differences. They still had feelings for each other, so the girl reached out to him one day and said that if they got back together, he’d have to get rid of his cat.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye, then,” imgur user voiceafx wrote.

“She called me and said that if we got back together, I’d have to get rid of my cat.” he wrote.

“This is my cat, Hobbes. I’m 33 years-old, and Hobbes is the closest thing I have to a kid,” he said. He knew right away that he won’t ever get rid of his cat. The cat is his family, the closest friend and he can’t give up at a member of his family.

cat is family

“I now have no desire to get back with my ex. End of story.” the man wrote.

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