Ginger Kitten Was Living On The Street With A Missing Foot, But His Life Was Turned Around

Quinton was found living on the street, with a missing foot, when he was only 5 weeks old. He was rescued and taken in by Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Los Angeles.

The first thing he needed was a warm bath and a treatment for the fleas. Despite his start to life was not easy, Quinton was still a very happy kitten ho loved to purr nonstop. He also napped in the comfort of a cozy bed for the first time.

He was lucky to find a foster place. Having only three feet didn’t stop Quinton from living a normal life, but his shortened leg developed sores and infections. Veterinarians decided to remove the entire leg as this was the best for him.

Qinton ginger kitten

Luckily, after a while, Quinton arrived to the final stop: his perfect home!

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