Kitten with Special Feet Walks Up To Woman And Asks For Help!

A kind hearted woman spotted in her yard a tiny stray kitten who was walking in a strange way. She brought the kitten immediately inside her home to try to care for him, but she realized that the kitten was special and he needed more help than she could offer him.

The woman contacted Here Kitty Kitty Rescue, hoping they could offer him the care he urgently needed. Nobody knows how the poor kitten survived on the streets for five weeks. He has deformities in his front feet and had a severe eye infection.

The kitten was named Scooter. “It looks like Scooter was born with shortened or tightened ligaments/muscles on both his front feet. This is what caused his feet to turn in and make him walk funny,” his rescuers said.

“The plan for now is to start physical therapy on his legs. He will need lots of stretching and manipulating the feet, trying to get them used to going in the proper position. The next step would be surgery at a speciality hospital, but not for awhile, since he is so small.” they added.

Scooter was taken in a foster place where he found an adoptive mom and a few brothers that he is happy to play with. Even though he walks a bit differently, nothing can stop him from enjoying life and being a happy kitty!

Loving cat mama

After a lot of care and treatments Scooter recovered from his upper respiratory infection and is gaining weight. He is still receiving physical therapy on his leg.

Scooter recovery

Source: Love Meow.