A Rescued Stray Kitten Isn’t What She Seems

A driver noticed a helpless stray kitten in the middle of the highway. The kitten was in big danger to be hit by a car.

The driver parked his car and he ran into traffic to scoop the kitten up. At first glance the kitten seemed a normal house kitten. But when he looked better the driver noticed her wide hazel eyes and her short stumpy tail. He realized this was no ordinary kitten.

The cute kitten proved to be actually a very young bobcat cub. The bobcat was taken to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL, an animal sanctuary in Tampa specializing in big cats, and home to about 70 big cats of many different kinds.

Jamie Veronica Boorstein at Big Cat Rescue said she and her colleagues had to wear thick gloves when handling the bobcat, whom they named Spirit Feather, because she came out of her box ready to bite!

“She was very feisty right off from the start,” Boorstein says. But this is something normal as they don’t want the wild cats to become friendly with humans.

The cute little bobcat received shots and a checkup. She was slightly underweight, but in a good health. Spirit Feather will stay at Big Cat Rescue until she will be ready to be released in the wild.

Source: Thedodo.com.