Runa’s Real Story!

“Seven years ago late at night a friend called telling she found a kitten hit by car in the middle of the street and she didn’t know what to do. I told her to take the kitten immediately at a vet whitch she did. It was a small female kitten with big eyes who was hit by a car so bad that she had a hole in her head… The vet told that if she survives till the second day than it will be a miracle as her body temperature was very low. I took the kitten that I named Runa at my home.

I stayed with her all night keeping her at a worm place with bottles with hot water near her. Runa survived the night! The next day we noticed Runa couldn’t stand, she couldn’t move two of her feet, she was paralyzed on the side where she had the big wound in the head. We went with her at the vet every day as she needed a lot of injections and treatments to recover. After a while, day by day and little by little Runa started to use her paralyzed legs till the day she walked normally. Now Runa is 7 years old, she is perfectly healthy and lives happy as a member of our family!” Runa’s owner wrote.

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