Safe Vegetables For Cats!

Did you know that many of the vegetables you eat can also be given as treats to your cat? Adding a few vegetables to your cat’s diet is a great way to give her more selection, while sneaking in also a few additional vitamins and minerals.

As any new food introduced into your cat’s diet, vegetables may cause upset stomach issues. If you never gave vegetables to your cat before you should introduce only one new vegetable at a time to help you spot any health changes.

Here is a list with some vegetables that are safe and healthy for your cat:

– Baked carrots. Baked carrots are a very healthy food for cats. Carrots are rich in many vitamins and minerals, including beta-carotene. This is a good source of Vitamin A that is known to be good for vision. Both cat’s eyes and human eyesight benefit from it. Carrots that are boiled for more than one hour can help in digestive problems of your cat.

– Cooked Winter Squash.
As long as you give it as a treat to your cat, in small quantities, cooked winter squash is safe for your cat to eat.

– Broccoli is completely safe for cats to eat. It is non toxic to felines if it’s given is small quantities.

– Steamed Green Beans given in moderation are safe for cats.

Steamed Asparagus. Cats adore asparagus! For your cat’s safety, keep it plain by simply steaming it and avoiding fatty elements like butter and oil.

– Bell peppers (red, green, yellow) are safe for cats to eat. If you cook for your cat you can use also bell peppers.

– Potatoes.
Uncooked potatoes, immature, the potato plant, including the green skin of the unripened vegetable, contains a chemical called solanine. Solanine is very toxic to cats! Cooked properly, prepared simply, and served in very small portions, potatoes are not toxic to cats.

– Cooked celery.
If you are cooking for your cat you can use celery.