Special-Needs Kitten With Twisted Legs Gets A Second Chance In Life

Three tiny baby kittens, covered in the amniotic fluid and connected to their umbilical cords, were abandoned to die at a local shelter. The 3 kittens were born with pretty bad leg disfigurements, all of their legs were twisted under them.

One amazing woman, along with her little granddaughter, decided to fight for the tiny kittens and to do everything that is possible to keep them alive. They took the kittens to their home and they started to bottle-feed them.

Unfortunately, one of the babies didn’t make it and lost the battle with life in the first night. The other two seemed to get stronger until one of them didn’t have enough strength to keep going. The third one, named Pretzel wanted to keep fighting for her life. Despite all of the odds, Pretzel lived and she is now an amazing cat! She was adopted by a forever family! She is very much loved by her mom, she loves to play and she is acting like a normal cat. You have to watch the video as see Pretzel’s touching story!