Summer Is Close And So Is “Kitten Season”!

Kitten season refers to the time of year when many litters of kittens are born. The warm weather acts as a catalyst for bringing female cats into heat. One female cat can squeeze out at least 2 litters during summer.

When you hear “kitten season” maybe you imagine sweet, fluffy kittens happily romping around on a sunny day. And indeed each of them is extremely cute and sweet, but the real situation isn’t sweet at all because an enormous amount of kittens have nowhere to go.

During this time of year, shelters throughout all over the world are flooded with cats and kittens.

There are some ways you can help during kitten season:

– Spay or neuter your cats.
– Tell your friends to spay and neuter their cats.
– Volunteer at a local shelter.
– If you see stray or feral cats in your neighborhood, look into trap-neuter-release programs.
– Become involved in trap, neuter and return.
– Become a foster cat parent.
– Donate money to an organization who helps animals.
– Use your skills & expertise to help an organization or a local shelter.
– If you find kittens that need help, don’t walk away, find a solution for them.