Rescuers Organize A Surprise Party For 3 Very Special 20 Year Old Cats

Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary, a rescue and sanctuary for special needs, disabled, elderly and otherwise unadoptable felines, decided to organize a surprise party for 3 very special 20 year old cats!

Due to the declining health of one of the oldies, Archmage Shabadoo, they decided to throw a surprise birthday party a month earlier than expected for the three kitties.

“Archmage has had a great life with us, he is very near and dear to us, we want to remind him that we love him and he deserves to be pampered. As do Brutus and Britches and everyone else Too!” Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary wrote on Facebook.

Surprisa party for cats

The party was a big success, Archmage Shabadoo, Brutus and Britches were three happy kitties with full bellies and high on catnip!

“All of the residents got treats and a fancy dinner last night in celebration, but they got to enjoy outside on the catio since the old folks had to nap.” they wrote.

For more information about Archmage Shabadoo, Brutus and Britches please visit: Facebook.