Tallest Cat Scratching Tree In The World

The tallest cat scratching tree measures 5.14 m (16 ft 10 in). The tree was created by Joseph and Shelley DelRocco of Pet Tree Houses in West Linn, Oregon, USA.

The tree was built as a way for cats to travel between the ground and upper floors of their residence. It holds the Guinness World Records as “Tallest cat scratching tree”.

“We are so 6 Photo of Tree from Outside of the Catmospherehappy to be able to give the animals a safe place to play and rest, which makes them more at ease in an indoor environment. Pet Tree Houses’ entire product line uses real trees and synthetic silk foliage to bring out your cat’s true nature encouraging them to scratch and stretch on the gnarled branches. We love helping the pets, as they are our true inspiration.” said Shelley DelRocco, President of Pet Tree Houses.