Things You Should Know Before Adopting A Cat!

Adopting a cat can be one of your best decisions. You are embarking on a wonderful and rewarding relationship! Because adopting a new cat comes with a lot of positive change and this will also bring some cuddly love into your life.

Here are a few important aspects that you should consider before adopting a cat:

– The first thing that you should think about before adopting a cat are the cats from the shelters. There are maybe hundreds of adoptable cats in your area right now who would love to join your family. Adopt, don’t shop!

– If you consider adopting a kitten, think about adopting two! Kittens are not happy when they are alone. Even most of the adult cats need a feline companion near them! But if you can adopt only one cat, consider adopting an adult one who doesn’t like other cats and would be happy alone. In most of the shelters you will find adorable cats like this.

– A very important aspect is to have your windows secured before you bring the cat home! It feels good to know your cats are safe! Cats are so curious and if they see something interesting outside like a bird they can jump after it without knowing they can be in danger. Although they have excellent balance, cats do fall from windows, often suffering terrible injuries as a result.

– Many plants are toxic to cats. Check what plants you have in your house before you bring the cat home.

Cats can scratch furniture. There are many solutions for this like scratching posts or cutting their claws from time to time.

Consider feeding your cat with high quality food. Low quality food can lead to health problems.

Be ready to offer a lot of love and attention to your new cat! She will need it even if sometimes she won’t like to admit it!