Woman Rescues Kittens From Drowning During Hurricane Harvey…

Tropical storm Hurricane Harvey caused massive flooding in Houston, the Gulf Coast, and other areas.

A litter of kittens needed to be rescued from drowning in the Huston area. A kind hearted woman and her family had to move to higher ground after their home was flooded by the storm. The woman spotted a litter of kittens behind some bushes with a cat mother meowing and asking for help.

kittens rescued from drowning

“I heard them meowing once the water rose so I went outside and saw one try to climb a tree and another stuck in a gutter,” the woman told Love Meow.

kittens rescued from hurricane

The other kittens were huddled up on a patio by an apartment so she scooped them up and put them in a box. The kittens are about one month old and are now safe with the woman who saved them.

Source: Love Meow.