Man Nurses Sick Kitten Back To Health Then He Decides To Take Her Home

Best Friends Animal Society is a rescue in Salt Lake City that nurses animals in need. They have a kitten nursery that is run by volunteers who help the kitties with so much love.

One of their volunteers, John Tella, devotes many hours to the nursery. He does such a great job taking care of so many kittens, and all of them got very attached with him.

He met so many amazing kittens but one of them really stood out to him. During one of his shifts, he met a cute tiny kitten named Jackie. She was very sick and in a very bad shape but he successfully nursed her back to health.

kitty was adopted

Once she was healthy, Tella couldn’t go home without her so he decided to offer her a forever loving family!

Now the two of them are the best of friends and they formed such a beautiful bond!