Secure Your Windows For Your Cat’s Safety!

Many cats are kept indoors for a number of reasons most relating to health and safety. Many of us have cats who live indoor.

Along with the joy of keeping a pet, comes few basic responsibilities. For the indoor cats one of the biggest curiosity is the world that they see on the window! This is the reason why you need very safe windows when you have indoor cats.

Many cats owners think that the window protection it’s not really necessary as nothing bad can happen to their cats. Well, a lot of bad things happen to many cats who live in homes with unprotected windows! Cats are so curious and if they see something interesting outside like a bird they can jump after it without knowing they can be in danger. Although they have excellent balance, cats do fall from windows, often suffering terrible injuries as a result. There are so many solutions today to protect your window!

It feels good to know your cats are safe!
Window protection for cats

Keep your cat safe

In a case like this the cat can die!
Cat can get stuck in window, keep her safe

Here is a solution for the cat not to get stuck in window!
A necessary window protection

This cat was lucky to be rescued!
Rescued cat

Lucky cat

You can even build a window protection, here is a brilliant idea:
Idea of window protection