Adopting A Less Adoptable Cat!

There are so many cats in this world who are waiting for someone to share their lives with. Many times disabled cats, old cats, Fiv+ cats or black cats are the last to be adopted.

A cat’s ‘disability’ doesn’t take away their ‘ability’ to be a cat! They will reward their humans with love, companionship, and the satisfaction of knowing that a needy cat has been given the chance of life in a loving home. The same is with black cats, old cats or Fiv+ positive cats.

Here are a few tips about less adoptable cats:

Three legged cats.
Three legged cats can live long and healthy lives with minimal adjustment to compensate for their missing limb. Cats are very ingenious so the loss of a leg doesn’t stop them from enjoying life to the fullest. They are as active and energetic as the four legged cats are. There are a few things you have to take care of. Cats with a missing leg may have trouble landing properly when jumping down from a high place so it would be better to keep the indoor. They also may not be able to jump up very high so make sure the things that they need will be more accessible. Diet control is important, as being overweight will put extra strain on their remaining legs.
three legged cat

Blind cats. Blind cats have the use of their other senses. They can perceive the world through hearing, smell, taste and touch and they are so good at this! At the beginning you’ll just have to help her a bit and carry her to another room, place her near a litter box, her food dishes, her bed. She will learn extremely fast and will handle alone exactly like a cat who can see. Take her toys that make noise, talk with her, cuddle her. Blind cats should never be outdoors unless under close supervision.
blind cat

One eyed cats – One eyed cats are as normal as cats with both eyes are. You only have to take good care of her remaining eye. Keep her indoors. If you have a second cat you should trim her claws.
one eyed cat

Fiv positive cats – can live perfectly normal lives and die from the same causes that any other cat might die from.
Fiv cat

Old cats can accustom very fast to your home. With love and good care they will feel like they lived with you since forever!
old cat

Black cats are so special! There are so many reasons to adopt a black cat!
black cat

Every single cat deserves a home. Adopt a cat who is less adoptable! SHARE to raise awareness!