Tiny Kitten Got Rescued. Look At Him Now!

Becoming a foster parent to homeless cats can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you’re helping a cat learn to love and feel loved, or helping an injured cat recover from an injury, thanks to your love, care and attention, fostering cats gives you the opportunity to single-handedly change a cat’s life for the better!

Samu was rescued when he was only a few days old after he was found abandoned together with his four siblings on the street. The five kittens were lucky to be found in time and taken into a foster place. At the beginning they were bottle fed. A cat mama with her kitten who was about the same age as the five little ones needed help so they were rescued also. The five kittens were introduced to her and she adopted them immediately! All the kittens were healthy and all got adopted.

In the video below you can watch Samu’s evolution. Today he lives happy with the family who adopted him. He is a very intelligent cat, he even knows how to “High Five”!