Kind Hearted Woman Refuses To Give Up At A Sick Kitten

Bunny the kitty was taken into a shelter in a very bad condition. She was 5-week old and she was weighing just a bit over one pound. She was covered with a fungus that left her with barely any hair. She was malnourished and underweight and urinating blood from a urinary tract infection. Bunny’s health condition wasn’t too good, her foster mom needed to offer her a special care and so much love. She refused to give up at her!

Bunny kitten

“I’ve had a rough day with Bunny. She’s not eating as well and has lost some weight. I’ve started syringe feeding her kitten formula and supplementing her with Nutrical gel to add calories/nutrients. She’s very tiny and frail.”Bunny’s foster mom wrote on Instagram.

Bunny rescued kitten

But Bunny is a fighter and she only wished to live. She was treated with so much love, she received her medical treatments and slowly she started to eat kitten food.

Beautiful kitten Bunny

With so much love and care Bunny has totally transformed!

Bunny feeling better

The video below shows highlights from her time in foster care and how love and nurturing saved her life.

Images source: Instagram.