10 Cool Names For Cats!

Are you looking for a perfect name for your feline friend? Picking a name for your new cat or kitten is a difficult but important job. You will be calling your kitty many times every day and you will want a nice name for her that she will like and respond to.

These 10 names may not be ones you’ve heard, but they might be perfect for your new feline friend:

Salome. This Hebrew female name means “peace”.

Qiyana. This name has a Zulu origin. It is a name for females and it means “the clever one”.

Payton. A female Irish name. This means “noble”.

Nano. A Gothic male name. The meaning is “bold protector”.

Magnus. This male Latin name means “the greatest”.

Mako. This male name has a Japanese origin. It means “the child of the truth”.

Ira. This Hebrew name for females means “vigilant, watchful”.

Henry. This name for males has a French origin and it means “the one who rules the home”.

Kerry. An unisex Irish name that means “one with dark hair”.

Jaime. This name is a French unisex name meaning “I love”.

Names source: Names For Cats