10 Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat!

The superstitions surrounding black cats varies from culture to culture. The Scots think that a strange black cat’s arrival to the home means prosperity. In Celtic mythology, a fairy known as the Cat Sìth takes the form of a black cat. Black cats are also considered good luck in the rest of Britain and Japan. It’s also considered that a lady who owns a black cat will have many suitors.

However, in Western history, black cats have been looked upon as a symbol of evil omens, specifically being suspected of being the familiars of witches. This is a reason why many black cats are not adopted too fast. In this video you will find 10 reasons to adopt a black cat:

1. They are natural born Ninja!
2. They have invisibility skills!
3. Black is always in fashion!
4. They are very cute!
5. They are awesome “Shadow” boxers!
6. Save $$$ on Halloween – no costume required!
7. They clean up nicely – no spots or streaks!
8. It’s like owning a mini black panther!
9. They are just adorable!
10. They will love you forever!

You have to watch the video to understand better all these reasons!