Rescue Cat Brings Comfort, Snuggles And Lots Of Smiles To People Who Need It

Draven is a two years old rescue cat from Pennsylvania. He is a very special cat who loves to visit hospitals, convalescent centers, schools. Why is he doing this? He is doing this to bring comfort, snuggles, purrs and lots of smiles to people who need it.

“We adopted him as a kitten from an animal rescue called Rainbow Animal Refuge (Butler/Lyndora, PA). As soon as my husband picked him up, he began to purr and we noticed his little pink tongue was hanging out! We knew this was a sign he was a special kitty and filled out the paperwork to take him home that day,”

“In many ways, Draven was very much like any other kitten. He enjoyed playing with toys, he liked cat treats, and he would climb just about anything to explore his new home. But we began to notice he had a quality our other 2 cats did not; he enjoyed the company and attention of humans – any humans – a lot! He wasn’t afraid or leery of strangers in our home, he tolerated car rides, and he even purred while at the vet’s office! He was just a very calm, laid-back cat.” wrote Drane’s owner on Facebook.

Draven cat

Draven offers smiles and happiness to everyone he meets. He loves to to hop on their lap and offer snuggles, he even encourages people with an injured or weak arm to pet him.

Draven the cat

For more information and pictures with Draven please visit: Facebook.

Photos source: Facebook.