Kitten Covered in Crust Surprises Everyone With His Cute Face!

A tiny kitten was brought to a country shelter being covered in mange all over his face and body.

Rescuers of Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue (in Royal Palm Beach, Florida) were there to pull a dog and when they saw the poor kitten they knew they can’t leave without him. So they decided to rescue him and offer him the medical treatments that were so much needed.

Underneath all the crusty scabies was hiding an amazing cream colored kitten. The kitten, named Jorah was placed in a foster home and his rescuers started his medical treatments immediately.

“Little cute and crusty Jorah got his revolution, for his skin and a medicated bath. And his foster momma made him a sock sweater, which he hates, so he wouldn’t be able to itch and scratch himself! On top of that, this poor boy also has to be on antibiotics for a cold.” his rescuers told Love Meow.

It takes some time for Jorah to heal completely, but he has made a lot of progress in only a few days! With a lot of love and care Jorah keeps surprising his rescuers what an amazing cutie he really is.

kitten with mange

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Source: Love Meow.