Stubbs, The Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, Has Sadly Passed Away At 20 Years Old

Stubbs, the mayor kitty of Talkeetna, Alaska, has sadly passed away at 20 years old. Stubbs was the mayor of the town since 1997 making Nagley’s Store, owned by the Spone family, his official office.

Everyone loved Stubbs! Stubbs was also a turistic attraction, he received cards and letters and many tourists visit him every day. Stubbs’s position was honorary, as the town is only a “historical district”.

“The last time Stubbs was in the store, he got to snuggle with the employees and relax after a good long day’s work,” the store stated in a release.

“He was a trouper until the very last day of his life,” Stubbs’ owners said. “You are are a remarkable cat and we will dearly miss you.”

Watch the video below for a look at Stubbs’s life. RIP Stubbs…