Things That Your Cat Would Like You To Know!

Cats use a variety of ways to communicate their feelings, needs and desires. Understanding a cat is simply a matter of paying attention and watching their body language.

Your cat would like you to know:

“I am not purring only when I am happy.” Purring can signify contentedness, happiness but it can also mean your cat is in pain, nervous or is just trying to make you feed her. Purring can indicate a variety of internal states.

“I am meowing at you, human!” Adult cats rarely meow at each other, but they may meow at us for some reasons. Most of the time they need attention. With all other creatures, including other cats, they use other forms of communication.

“Sometimes I pretend to be hungrier than I am.” When it comes to food cats are masters in pretending they are hungrier than they are. They just love to do this!

“I need my teeth cleaned.” Your cat needs daily tooth brushing. She also requires regular dental cleanings to prevent feline periodontal disease from occurring. Cats should begin these cleanings when they are 1 year of age as 70% of cats without this appropriate dental care will have some evidence of periodontal disease by the time they are 3 years old.

“If I show you my belly it means that I trust you”. When the cat is exposing it she wants you know she trusts you, not that she wants a belly rub.