Woman Finds Cat With Severely Broken Leg During Hurricane And She Takes Him To Safety!

Harvey was found during Hurricane Harvey by a kind hearted woman. He had a leg wound so the woman rushed with him to the vet where they told her that his leg is severely broken and his femur bone was poking through the skin.

Cat found during hurricane Harvey

At that point the woman reached out to Save A Purrfect Cat Rescue to ask if they can assist with the leg amputation surgery costs for the poor cat and they agreed to help.

Harvey is recovering after the surgery and he was placed in a foster home. He is recovering nicely and he learns to move around as a tripod.

Harvey the cat

“Harvey experienced his share of a devastating events in his young life and we are here to turn his fate around.” Harvey’s rescuers wrote on Facebook.

Harvey cat rescued

For more information about Harvey please visit Facebook.