Tiny Kitten Found Curled Up On The Ground, Is Saved

Community cats are known as ferals, outside or unowned cats. It is very important to understand how these cats ended on the streets – mostly through abandonment. People tired of having a cat as a pet, some are moving, and so on, and the cat becomes like dispensable ‘objects’. The cat is then abandoned or left behind, without any way to eat, drink or care for itself without getting another chance. Some are just too small to survive… A tiny ginger kitten was found curled up on the ground with ants crawling beside him. Two kind hearted people noticed the tiny kitten. Initially they thought he was dead but when they picked him up they realized the fragile baby was still alive.

“Meet Alden: a kitten we rescued from the streets — alone, malnourished, and sick. Curled up on the ground with ants crawling beside him, we thought he was dead.” the kitten’s rescuers wrote on Instagram.

They rushed with the tiny kitten at the vet. “The vet cleaned him up, gave him antibiotics for his eye infection, and milk. He was also severely dehydrated. After only three days of taking his medication and feeding him milk every four hours, Alden’s eyes are now both very healthy and he is able to walk without limping, and cries loudly for more milk!” they wrote.

Kitten fed by syringe

His rescuers fed him with a syringe for a few days until the he was strong enough to eat on his own.

In a few weeks Alden gained a lot of strength, he started to eat, run and enjoy his new beautiful life. Of course his rescuers decided to keep him forever!

Kitten getting stronger

Alden the kitten

“We are so happy we took him home! Welcome home, baby Alden!” Today Alden is a big and happy kitty! his humans wrote on Instagram.

Alden grown up

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