Older Cats Might Be Able To Make Amazing Connections With Older People

Ohio Alleycat Resource animal shelter from Ohio came up with a perfect idea. They take their senior cats to visit senior people at nursing homes so they can offer each other the comfort they both need.

There are many old cats in their shelter that need so much some human affection and love. The residents at nursing homes also miss their loved ones and this way they can comfort each other. The cats love to snuggle and cuddle and the senior humans enjoy their company.

“The idea was that the seniors would get some companionship and the pets might find loving homes,” Mary Casey-Sturk,” told a development director of the shelter.

“We take older cats (7 years +). Many residents cannot have pets now, so the chance to cuddle a chilled out kitty is great for them,” said Jordan Umerley, a volunteer of the shelter. “We also invite the residents to come and visit our shelter. It really is fun and a good chance to get the cats socialized,” “The seniors love telling stories about their past pets, and ask us to take pictures of them with the cats to send to their children and grandchildren.” Umerley said.

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Source: huffingtonpost.com.