Meet Monkey, The Kitten Who Lost The Use of Her Back Legs But She Didn’t Lose Hope

Monkey the kitten was rescued semi-lifeless from an abusive situation that left her with paralyzed hindquarters. She was living in fear, constantly shaking, distressed, starving and suffering from severe conjunctivitis.

Monkey was swung by her tail so aggressively, she suffered severe nerve damage and instantly lost the use of her back legs. She was only two weeks old when some kind hearted persons rescued her and took her to safety.

Her rescuers began to love and care for her. She received warm baths, hourly feeds, a comfy bed and lots of rest and cuddles. A miracle happened and the kitten amazingly began to gain strength. She surprised everyone who met her with her incredible strength using only her upper body to explore the world.

At six weeks old, Monkey-kitten was transported to Alice Springs to be checked by a vet, who would decide whether the kitten would be strong enough to fly to Homeless & Abused Animal Rescue Team (HAART), a rescue group from Perth.

The cute kitty packed her bags, she made it safe to Perth where she met her foster mom, Lyn. It didn’t last for more than five minutes for Lyn to decide to adopt Monkey as permanent member of the family.

Monkey received Bowen therapy and red light therapy regularly. With some regular exercise, her improvements have been remarkable.

Watch Monkey’s touching story here: