How Do You Know If You Are A Cat Person?

Opening your heart and home to a cat is an experience like no other. Cat lovers are unique, there are things about sharing life with a cat that only “cat persons” truly understand.

Are you curious if you are a cat person? If you find yourself in these situations than you’re definitely a cat person!

Your cat is very important to you, she is your child!
your cat is important

When you are at work you can’t stop thinking what your cat is doing at home!
what is your cat doing at home

You tell your friends funny things about your cat!
funny things about your cat

You always share your bed with your cat!
you share your bed with your cat

You know what your cat wants by the way she is looking at you!
you know what your cat wants

You love all cats, no matter what size, color or breed they are!
you love all cats

You always help cats in need!
you help cats in need

You feed stray cats!
you feed stray cats

Cat persons are not crazy, they just care!
cat persons care

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