Is Black Coat Colour Linked To Cats Temperament Or Health?

Is a cat’s colour and pattern linked to personality? It is not impossible for coat colour to be linked to temperament. Coat colour, fur type and certain personality traits may be linked genetically. Only a few studies have been done, to explore the potential link between coat color and cat personality, and these have shown mixed results. Whether studies show differences or not, people definitely do associate personality and color.

Is there any connection between black fur and cat’s temperament or health?

Some studies done at the US National Cancer Institute by Eduardo Eizirik and Stephen O’Brien concluded that black cats might have a better resistance to disease than cats with other color coats.

It is interesting to observe that high density feline populations often have black cats. This might happen as black cats are more tolerant of living closely with other cats and therefore breeding more successfully. Viruses spread quickly in cat colonies, so maybe non-black cats are more sensitive at the viruses while the black cats survive and breed.

Another study was done questioning 189 people that own cats. Using a 7-point scale, participants assessed 10 (ten) characteristics (active, aloof, bold, calm, friendly, intolerant, shy, stubborn, tolerant, and trainable) and the extent to which these characteristics could be applied to five colors of cats. The study concluded that black cats are aloof. Black cats were considered by some more friendly that cats with other colors.

According to a shelter that has a big experience with cats, black cats are:
– more resistant to diseases than cats with other colors.
– they have very strong personalities and don’t give up easy when they want something.
– they are intelligent, they learn fast how to do things like – opening doors.
– they are very close with their owners, they are not too friendly with strangers.
– they accept fast other cats, especially kittens.
– they are very loving and non aggressive.
– they can be very stubborn.
– black cats with long fur were noticed to be more sensitive than the ones with short fur.