From Trash To Treasure. Calico Kitten Thrown As Garbage, Rescued By Garbage Man

Mark G., worker at Upper Darby Township Sanitation Department was emptying the can into the truck when he noticed something was moving inside one of the bags. He opened the bag and he found a tiny calico kitten inside.

Mark contacted Providence Animal Center, and they quickly took the kitten in their care.

Someone just tossed the kitten into a bag, and dumped it into the trash. The cute kitten was named Grundgetta, after Oscar the Grouch’s girlfriend.

The rescue team placed the kitty into a foster place. “Our little miracle trash kitty is in good hands with foster momma Janet until she grows big and strong enough to find a forever home that will cherish our little treasure for the rest of her days.” they wrote on Facebook.

Kitten from garbage

After a while a human fell in love of beautiful calico Grundgetta and decided to offer home the loving family that she deserves!

“GRUNDGETTA – ADOPTED! Meant to be. That about sums up G and her new mom, Sabrina. As Sabrina says, “When I saw G’s picture, I just felt my heart skip a beat, and I looked into her big eyes, and I knew that she was the one – that we were meant to be together.” When you know, you know, right? Grundgetta is Sabrina’s first forever cat. We figured Grundgetta deserved to be the princess of the household after her ordeal – of being found in the trash by a conscientious sanitation worker (thanks, Mark!). And seeing as Grundgetta is the sweetest little lady around, Sabrina’s initiation into cat motherhood should be pretty easy. Happy life, G; it’s been an honor and a pleasure!” Providence Animal Center wrote on Facebook.

“Life is good for this little trash-to-treasure kitty, Grundgetta (now known as Agatha), pictured in her forever home snoozing the day away.”

Kitten adopted

After a few months…

From trash to treasure

“From trash to treasure – former dumpster kitty Grundgetta, now Agatha, is living the life of a princess, enjoying all of the luxuries that come with leading a charmed rescued life. Momma Sabrina says that she is learning to “sit” and “give kisses” and she follows Sabrina everywhere she goes. And, typically kitty, she sleeps all day and plays all night. “You would never guess that she had any suffered any kind of abuse or neglect.” Look how big she is now, compared to her rescue.” Providence Animal Center wrote on Facebook.