Rescue Cat Mama Who Lost Her Kittens Finds Happiness When She Adopts Orphaned Kitten In Need

Ember, a rescue cat mama lost her own babies due to a severe illness. While she was grieving after losing her kittens, a rescue kitten was in desperate need of a mother’s love.

The kitten, named Flame, lost his own mother and was too young to survive on his own. He was brought to the Atlanta Humane Society and was taken in the care of a foster family as he needed a lot of care and attention.

The staff at the Atlanta Humane Society thought that they could try to introduce Flame to Ember hoping she would accept him. The moment Ember met Flame she was immediately in love. She started snuggling him, cleaning him, and encouraging him to feed. The two clearly needed each other.

Ember is now a happy mama and Flame a happy little kitten who receives all the love and care that he needs. The two were destined to become family.

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