Tiny Kitten Was Fighting For His Life. Now a Year Later…

Claudia Branco heard faint cries coming from the outside so she decided to trace the sound. She was surprised to find three tiny kittens, less then one day old, hidden in a hole. Unfortunately two of them had already passed. The mama cat was not around, and never came back.

She took the little survivor, named Fred to the vet. He was suffering with hypothermia. Little Fred refused to give up. With a lot of love and good care they managed to bring his temperature back to normal.

That night, Claudia didn’t sleep at all, she just watched over Fred, fed him around the clock and made sure he was breathing. The whole family helped little Fred. They took turns to feed the kitten and made sure he has all the love he needs.

After a while, little Fred began to thrive!

Kitten Fred

A strong bond was created between Fred and Claudia. Recently Fred turned one year old. One year after the rescue, Fred is a happy cat so grateful to his mom for saving his life!

Fred turned one year

In the video below you can watch Fred cuddling with his mom while she plays music.