To Prevent #CATmaggedon, Quit Smoking!

Recent research proved that smoking isn’t only dangerous to human, it is bad for cats too. The “Truth”, a national anti-smoking campaign run by the nonprofit American Legacy Foundation aimed at eradicating smoking in the young, released a commercial encouraging people to quit smoking in order to save the future of cat videos and prevent what it’s calling #CATmaggedon. The anti-smoking ad campaign warns of future with no cat videos!

The ad shows us various cat videos insisting on the idea “Smoking = No Cats = No Cat Videos.” Nobody would want to live in a world without cat videos.

“The Internet is fueled by cat videos. And because cigarettes can kill cats, too, we’re freaking out,” Truth Initiative stated on its website. “And you should, too. Cats are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes. Twice as likely.”

There are more than 1.1 million cat channels on YouTube! The threat of an Internet without cat videos underscores the urgency of the tobacco epidemic for a pet-loving generation connected by strong social networks.

“Teens understand the health effects of smoking, but may not appreciate how smoking impacts their daily lives,” said Robin Koval, Truth Initiative CEO and President. “Smoking affects just about everything teens care about – relationships, the environment, and even animals – in immediate and unexpected ways. And the effects will be felt whether or not they personally smoke.”

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