Cat And Owner Meet After 20 Days Of Separation!

Many humans, especially dog people say that cats don`t have feeling and they don`t care about us. This is very wrong! Cats are missing us when we are not at home and they have the cutest ways to welcome us home. If you share your home with a cat, for sure you consider that cats are wonderful companions and unknowingly offer therapy to us on so many levels.

Many studies show that cats can help reduce stress and they have a positive effect on our health. Researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences recently published a study that reveals that cats seek out contact with their owners after a long separation.

The study showed that cats cope well with being left alone, but they are affected by the time they were left alone. They express differences in behaviour when the owner returns home. The increased level of social contact initiated by the cats after a longer duration of separation indicates a rebound of contact-seeking behaviour, implying that the owner is an important part of the cat’s social environment.

The kitty in the video below was separated with her human for 20 long days! The affectionate black and white kitty joyfully ran to meet his beloved human at the door as he arrived home after being separated for 20 days. Once at the entrance, the cat was a bit confused, but perked up as soon as his human picked him up and began affectionately nuzzling and kissing him without reserve. His happiness has no limits!

The cat, named Pusic was rescued by his dad when he was a tiny kitten after he was left for dead in a stairwell. Luckily, he was found by his loving human and brought back to full health.

Just look how grateful he still is! Their joyful reunion will melt your heart!