Paralyzed Kitten Refuses To Let Anything Slow Her Down!

Chloe, a paralyzed kitten was rescued when she was only 6 weeks old. She was found dirty, flea ridden, and she had rear leg paralysis from suspected abuse.

X-Rays showed she had a broken back – likely from being stepped on. She can’t use her legs and all, and can only drag them behind her. Poor kitty was unable to pee so she needs to be manually stimulated to fully express her bladder every 4-6 hours.

Chloe at the vet

Despite all the odds against her, Hannah, Chloe’s rescuer was totally determined to nurse Chloe back to health.

Chloe kitten

She was consulted by many doctors, she received cold laser therapy, red light laser therapy, acupuncture and other treatments to help her feel better.

Chloe the kitten

“In the last 3 months, Chloe has been to over 30 appointments with 5 doctors. She’s been assessed by 3 neurologists, received multiple forms of PT, laser therapy, the Assisi Loop, acupuncture, and traditional medicine. She’s had x-rays and blood tests, has been observed by orthopedic specialists, and all assessments of her body’s condition are starting to point to one thing: permanent damage to the hind limbs and bladder, likely from a tail pull.”

“The consensus is that Chloe has lost all sensation and proprioception of the hind limbs, and that her bladder will need to be expressed for the rest of her life. While she does have wonderful movement of her legs, it is reflexive; she is a “spinal walker” meaning her brain cannot communicate to her legs, but she has some walking-like movements that are hardwired from the spine.” Hannah wrote on

“Chloe isn’t broken. Chloe is perfect. She has the happiest life, she is surrounded by love and toys and accommodations that make it easy for her to get around. She is happy, and the only sad thing about her life is how much we force our expectations onto her. To her, and now to us, she is already perfect. she wrote.

A special wheelchair was created especially for the paralyzed but she prefers to adapt to life in her natural body, without added machinery.

Chloe found her forever loving family and she has a big brother named Doogie! You can watch her adventures and grow up on her Instagram _gochloego_!