The Best Step-Father In The World

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. They are loving companions who prove time and time again just how loyal they are. But their loyalty and love isn’t just reserved for humans. You’ve probably seen a lot of photos and videos of dogs adopting kittens or bonding with ducklings or other animals. From the domestic to the exotic, dogs have been known to accept all sorts of non-canine animals into their pack. Dogs are social creatures by nature and they crave interaction with humans and non-humans alike. Although they prefer to socialize with dogs, biology dictates they will accept other mammals under the right circumstances. This leads to some pretty adorable mixed packs.

Often when kittens are orphaned, a dog instinctively will take over the mothering responsibility until they’re old enough to be weaned. Have you ever met a dog who LOVES kittens? Well, you are about to! Having a litter of kittens in your care is a big responsibility. Kittens are playful, extremely curious and they require a more watchful eye.

It`s not an easy job to be a dad, especially if you are a dog and you have to care for little playful kittens. We have to admit that the dog from the video below is the best stepdad in the world. It is almost impossible to put in order these energized and playful kittens.

The kittens are lucky to have the best stepfather ever, he is an adorable dog! The dog has to go through a lot of struggles in order to put all of the kittens in the same place. As soon as he puts one in the bed, another one gets out. Even though cats and dogs are known to be natural enemies, this adorable video shows that they can love each other unconditionally.

The situation gets really funny, you must watch this!