Cat Survives After She Was Shot In The Head With A Dart.

A cat was shot in the head with a dart in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The incident happened in the neighborhood of North 8th Street and East Birch Avenue where residents had been finding blow darts laying around and even stuck in trees.

The cat was found hiding near her house. The cat is very lucky to be alive. “The blowgun dart actually missed his brain by point five centimeters it went right above his eye so it missed his eye entirely,” “Whoever it is they have malicious intent they’re going after animals,” cat’s owner said.

“This is very scary because we’re right next to an elementary school and there’s someone going around shooting these specialty-ordered blowgun darts and it needs to stop and I really would like to know who is doing this,” she said.

At the moment the authorities are searching for a suspect.