Cat Mom Is Having The Cutest Conversation With Her Babies!

A cat mom swells with pride and joy when she gives birth to adorable kittens. A mother cat is an incredibly attentive mom. She grooms her kittens, teaches them right from wrong and purrs whenever they’re near. Love and motherhood go hand-in in the cat world as well.

Cate is a kitty who was rescued together with her six adorable kittens by Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assoc. They were all cared and fostered by the kind hearted humans who rescued them. During the time they were in foster Cate proved she was a patient, dedicated and loving mother.

A cat mom has her own unique ways and methods of communicating with her babies. She often meows to their kittens as a way to communicate with them. Sometimes she will chirp and meow every time they enter the nest to signal her arrival. When it’s eating time, she will meow to their kittens to let them know it’s meal time.

Cate is a very loving mama. She makes sure all her babies get all the attention they need from her. In the video below we can see a very cute conversation that she is having with her kittens. The sweet mama cat is talking to her precious babies in the sweetest voice. And her kittens respond to her too.

“She was a great mom, patient, dedicated and loving. She and her 6 kittens all have found their forever homes.” wrote her rescuers on YouTube.

“We wish Cate and her new cat butler Shaun a great life together and we would like to once again thank the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assoc. for bringing Cate and her 6 beautiful kittens into our lives. Goodbye sweet Cate, we will always love you.” Cate’s rescuers wrote at the description of the video they posted on YouTube.