14 Years Old Blind Cat Abandoned By Owners Started A New Life

Abbey was abandoned 4 years ago by her family that she had lived with for her whole life. Abbey is blind and this made things more difficult for her.

She was lucky to be taken at a decent facility that reached out to the community and tried to place her instead of immediately euthanizing her…

The team from Blind Cat Rescue heard about her and took her immediately in their care. They took her to the vet to get her eyes taken care of and a much needed dental. Abbey was truly shocked as she lost her home, her entire family and everything she had ever known.

She was so depressed after losing her home and she stopped eating. “We had a feeding tube put in and worked hard to convince her she was loved and would never lose her home again.” wrote Blind Cat Rescue‘s team.

Abbey needed a lot of time and love to recover. Today she is 18 years old and is doing well. She has found her forever home at Blind Cat Rescue! She is happy and so much loved!

For more information about the amazing work of Blind Cat Rescue team please visit: BlindCatRescue.com or Facebook.