Why Do Cats Chew Plastic And Other Weird Things? Recognizing Feline Pica

While habits such as chewing and sucking on fabric are relatively common in cats, compulsively eating inedible things is not. If your cat chews compulsively things like plastic, dirt, carpeting, plants, electric cords, phone cords, wool, fabric, string, wiring or wool blankets she might have a condition known as pica.

Pica in cats is the act of eating objects that are not food. In severe cases of pica, the cat will consume the object entirely, posing a risk for intestinal blockage, tearing of the digestive tract, toxicity or electrocution.

Cats can develop pica for medical reasons such as gastrointestinal disorders, or they can suffer from anxiety. Much like humans bite their nails or twirl their hair when they get nervous, cats chew on non-food items as a way to cope with their anxiety. This is a weird and not normal behavior that you do have to worry about.

Oriental cat breeds, such as the Siamese cat, are commonly affected by pica and it is believed to be a genetic disposition.

The fist step that you should do if you cat has this kind of behavior is to take your kitty to your veterinarian, because behavior changes can also indicate a health problem.

If your kitty doesn’t have a health issue, try to reduce her stress. If there has been a change in your life recently like moving to a different house, a new schedule, new roommate, your cat might be acting out like this because of anxiety.

Feline pica is also pretty common in bored or lonely cats. Try to bring something new in your cats life like adopting a second cat, buying a new cat tree or spending more time with her.

You can also consult a cat behaviorist. A specialist might be able to work with you and your cat and find a good solution for her.

Even if your cat is a freaky eater don’t give up and help her get over this weird behavior.