Cody’s Rescue Story!

Cody was rescued in 2010. Her rescuer found her on the street when she was about 4 months old in a very bad shape. She had missing skin on her tail and on a part of her back.

After her rescuer found her, she took her immediately at the vet for a check. The vet started her treatments. She had a very slow and not easy recovery. The skin grow back but very slow, she had pains at her every move. But she was a good girl and after 2 months of daily treatments she completely recovered. She remained with a small tail after this episode.

Now Cody is 6 years and a half old and she lives happy with her adoptive family! They are so happy they found her in time and rescued her. She is a special kitty who makes their life more beautiful!

This is how Cody looked liked in 2010 right after she was rescued:

Cody before

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